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revolutionary, simple & fun.



We want to challenge the establishment about the way we evaluate and interact with our employees.


We are not seeking for a better system to support a traditional interaction.
We want a whole new way of interaction.


Peddy is an app that empowers employees and their leaders in a meaningful dialogue, leading to productive performance and personal development in a fun and interactive way!

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Add objectives

Align your goals and objectives and add them in Peddy.


Stay sharp. Set an alert on every goal or objective so that Peddy can remind you on updating your progress.

Follow your team

With Peddy you can follow the progression all the team members.


Ever update of your progression leads to direct feedforward and meaningul dialogue.



Peddy polls your personal and work related mood every other week. With Peddy’s moodboard you can check the mood of every team member at every given moment.


Timeline shows all the updates, feedback and reactions of your team members.


The dashboard provides an overview of all the activities per team member. This moodboard makes any additional reports unnecessary.


Peddy keeps the team members connected by sending notifications after every update or activity.


This is what some customers think about Peddy

happy customer

"Peddy helpt mij focus te houden door mij periodiek een reminder te sturen voor het maken van een update. De app is niet alleen nuttig maar ook gewoon leuk!
Je kunt je manager ‘realtime’ op de hoogte houden van wat er speelt. Fotootje erbij omdat 1 beeld nu eenmaal meer zegt dan 100 woorden. Én je leidinggevende kan snel reageren door je een dikke duim te geven of je uit te nodigen voor een kop koffie."

- Claudia Pasanea 5/5 Stars!

happy customer

"I love this app. It is much more fun working on my goals."

- Anouschka Dekker 5/5 Stars!


We believe in the infinite power of creativity and innovation

ErginBW_small AgimBW_small
Agim Veselaj Ergin Borova
Over 20 years of corporate experience, excellent in translating complex IT dilemma’s into simple solutions, reliable partner and co-owner willing to innovate and develop new concepts Creative, inspiring and enthusiastic with a contagious sense of humor. Over 20 years of corporate experience in general-, change- and project management. People manager with a sense for entrepreneurship

Peddy customers

These are the companies that believe in Peddy

ABN AMRO BANK NV Alliantie Innergo Woonbron Corparis Public Support de Key
Jansen & Jansen Andersom Xlence Dael Vidomes WonenCentraal DON


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